Beadlock Rim & Tyre – EDC Fidget Hand Spinner


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Keep your hands busy with this fidget spinner that is sure to make any 4wd, offroad or car nut happy.
Made to look like a 4×4 tire and a beadlock rim, this wheel is a great desk or pocket display piece.

This is a more eye catching design of the well known tri-spinner design sold by other shops, that have a tendency to look clunky or outdated. While this spinner is not made for those super long spins sort after with persision built models, this fidget spinner is a perfect accessory to have on you this season.

Note ! This is for one spinner and the bearing does not come with it, but can easily be found on sites like Ebay or at your local skate shop.
Also due to the slight tolerance differences, some bearings might be slightly to loose. This can be fixed with a small piece of tape to the outside of the bearing, then trimmed after it has been pushed into place (blue painters tape seems to work the best)


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