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Keep your hands busy, with Celtic Lotus fidget spinner, which perfectly any desk or pockets style.

See it in action:

Hows it made? ——————————–
The main body of this spinner is 3d printed in thousands of layers, these layers are “laser syntherd” using a fine nylon powder.
Originally starting on the computer, the model is then sent to the 3d printers, this means that i can achieve a much more intricate design then cnc machined or standard “filament” type printers.

Why nylon, over metal? ——————————–
Nylon is a really strong and durable material, although it’s not as tough as metal it is cheaper.
Nylon has a huge list of advantages, but the most notable are:
– Cheaper than metal.
– Stronger than traditional “filament” printed products.
– Better quality finish than other materials.
– Easier to clean than other materials, as most items are able to be put in the dishwasher.
– Because of its durability, you’re less worried about chucking it in your bag or pocket, or getting it dirty.
– Because it’s cheaper than metal, you’re less worried about losing it or having it stolen.

What bearing is in it? ——————————–
The bearing used in this spinner is a Hybrid ceramic 608 bearing which is pressed in, not glued. This means that you can easily remove the bearing to clean it, or upgrade /replace it.
Finding an upgrade or replacement bearing is really easy, as the 608 bearing size is the same that gets used in skateboards, scooters, and roller blades. Suggested upgrades are full ceramic bearings, or high end longboard bearings.

But what is a fidget spinner? ——————————–
Perfectly designed for constant fidgeters, a fidget spinner is made to occupy someone’s hands / fingers. This is to replace pen clicking/tapping, foot tapping, nail biting, or any other obsessive trait you have.
While it seems like nonsense to most people, this simple spinning motion is oddly addictive. This is really evident with new users, once you pick it up and start to play with it, you simply can’t put it down!

Apart from being a great stress relief tool, fidget spinners can also do alot more for you including:
– occupies fidgeting hands.
– helps to quit smoking.
– helps Pass time.
– Improves concentration (popular with classrooms and teachers)
– Helps to decrease stress & anxiety.
– prevents obsessive disorders like nail biting, or skin picking.

More information ——————————–
Total weight = 14 grams
dimensions = 69mm x 72mm x 7mm
In the box:
– 1x fidget spinner
– 1x Hybrid Ceramic Bearing (installed into the spinner)
– Care instructions

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