Monkey Fist Knot – Crimson Red (glass core)


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Keep your fingers active with this set handmade Monkey Fist Begleri, perfect for your EDC collection.

See them in action:

Hows it made? ——————————–
Made From Australian 550 (7 strand) paracord, these Begleri are all handmade with monkey fist knots at each end to encase the hand made glass marbles.
These marbles give the Begleri their much needed balanced weight, which is combined with the strong and durable paracord to give you that perfect flow of tricks.

While it’s not the only material, these paracord wrapped marbles are actually the most popular. Not only due to its high durability rating, the paracord offers a more noteable feature of its quieter play.
While other bead materials have a “clacking” sound, this is softened by the paracord so that you can play with them without causing to much annoyance to others.

But what are Begleri? ——————————–
Begleri are a centuries old Greek skill toy that started its life as Rosemary or komboloi beads, these beads are a looped string that contains two or more beads.
These were flung around to pass time, and eventually this lead to a single length of string with one or more beads at either end.
Usually symmetrical in nature, Begleri beads can be made from a wide range of materials from wood, plastics, precious stones and the most common being metal.
This metal gives the beads a great weight and durable finish, which is surly to last even the hardest of play.

What are they for? ——————————–
Starting out as a worry bead for religious circles, the begleri has since become a world known skill toy. This has lead to people creating a much wider range of tricks, and even participate in competitions.
While you can go out and learn these fancier tricks to become a real master, there is a few tricks that nearly any one can learn. These tricks may seem daunting at first, but once learnt they can become a great source of fidgeting.

Apart from being a cool skill toy, the begleri can also do alot more for you including:
– occupies fidgeting hands
– helps to quit smoking
– Improves finger dexterity
– Improves Hand eye coordination
– Pass time (most notably used by traditional greek taxi drivers)
– Improves concentration
– Helps to decrease stress & anxiety

How do i measure the cord length? ——————————–
The “cord” is the distance of paracord between the two beads/ balls. This comes in two different options; Short game and Long game, and they have different effects on your play.
Short game; is normally 10mm bigger than your hand and is great for people who are just starting to learn. This is because they are easier to fling around, and don’t “over shoot” which is where the bead lands past the point you want it to. This is also a perfect option for people who wan to use these as a EDC or fidget toy, as they are smaller to carry and easier to loop certain tricks.
Long Game; is usually 60mm longer than then your hand, and creates a much fancier looking flow. this is due to the beads being further away from the grip, which means that they are faster and travel a longer distance.

To work out your “Cord Length” you simply place a ruler across your hand, measuring your closed fingers (see photo above). You then add on 10mm or 60mm depending on what game you want to achieve.

More information ——————————–
Total weight = 24 grams
bead/ball size = 28mm
cord length = depends on the users preference (see above)
In the box:
– 1x set of begleri – handmade to suit your chosen colour and size
– Care instructions
– Instructions of use – including 4 beginner tricks

Got any questions? Feel free to reach out to me.
Alternatively you can contact one of the many people in the begleri community, as we are all friendly and supportive.

NOTE!! the rainbow colors are completely random, as the cord changes colour at varying distances. This means that you can not specify a specific colour set.

Weight 0.020 .


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