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With its strength and functional design is a perfect addition to your EDC!
Because of its minimalist yet elegant, the Carpenter biro will feel right at home in a wide array from a tradies tool belt, right up to an executive’s office desk.

Why a carpenter pencil? ——————————–
I love to draw with a carpenter pencil, but there is time where pencil doesn’t cut it. These time your normally resorted to using a boring old round pen.
These pens are often poorly made, or come made from cheap materials like the most common clear plastic. Although the casing is normally prone to breakage, the ink inside is normally the most reliable ones you can find.

This is where i decided to combine my love of the carpenter pencil, and the ever handy BIC biro.
The body of this pen is 3d printed out of a white nylon that is incredible strong, as shown by the photo above. In this photo i have suspended an empty case between two bits of wood, and then rested a 10kg weight on top. This goes to show how strong the construction of this pen is, with it having just past 10 mm of flex and returning back to 95% of its original form.

What ink fits in the casing? ——————————–
The ink that comes with your Carpenter Biro is a Bic Xtra Life, but most of these types of pen inks will fit.
Some pen inks might be a tight fit, and will need to be pushed in with force. Alternatively if they are too loose, then you simply add a small bit of tape.

Why nylon, over metal? ——————————–
Nylon is a really strong and durable material, although it’s not as tough as metal it is cheaper.
Nylon has a huge list of advantages, but the most notable are:
– Cheaper than metal.
– Stronger than traditional “filament” printed products.
– Better quality finish than other materials.
– Easier to clean than other materials, as most items are able to be put in the dishwasher.
– Because of its durability, you’re less worried about chucking it in your bag or pocket, or getting it dirty.
– Because it’s cheaper than metal, you’re less worried about losing it or having it stolen.


Strong & Flexible Polished: nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


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